What happens when a Honey Badger
and a Wiener Dog meet?

It would seem that the Honey Badger has met his match in the Wiener Dog. 

I had to post this because I laughed all the way through it. You just never know what you’re going to find on YouTube.

Honey Badgers are incredible!

Honey Badgers really are one of the toughest characters around. There are documented videos of them getting bitten by cobras while killing them for supper. Afterwards the badger goes into a coma for a day or so and wakes up a little groggy. After a day or so he’s right back to normal.

How awesome is nature!

They were originally mistakenly identified as Leatherbacks but are actually Loggerheads.

They must follow the sound of the waves because they zeroed in on the right track within seconds of hatching.

Badger!?! Or Brain Transplant?

Honey Badger Houdini: Masters of Mayhem

This is definitely reminiscent of a Monty Python film.

I had no idea Honey Badgers were so incredibly smart and intuitive. Not only did the little animal escape, he knocked on the bedroom door to brag about it! And why shouldn’t he? After all, you’d have to go a very long way to find another one that smart!
Or would you?? Honey Badgers are fearsome hunters of such poisonous snakes as Mambas and King Cobras, so in spite of their funkily cute appearance they are fast, mulishly persistent, and viciously protective of their young.

National Geographic 2013 –
Snake Killers: Honey Badgers Of The Kalahari

For sheer entertainment value alone Badgers are well worth having around….If you can keep them contained. And considering the number of pythons that are now taking over south Florida, maybe we could use some snake-eating animals around. Of course, they also wouldn’t turn their nose up at the family pet so maybe that’s not such a great idea after all.

A few days ago

I arrived home from a cruise (OK, that’s another story) and the day I got home was beautiful and sunny. That afternoon a storm blew in without warning, the temperature dropped like a stone, and the result was some pretty noisy pyrotechnics.

It gives me a chill

even now to watch this video.

I don’t know about you, but this weather made me pretty happy to have a nice warm apartment, a good heater or two, and a collection of warm, dry clothes.

Out in the paddocks the horses were standing with heads down. They must have some kind of instinctive urge to keep their heads down in lightening storms because they stood with heads down through the entire event and kept backing away from the puddles. By the way, they were not my horses and their handlers were behind me under the shedrow.

Storms have always fascinated me,

and usually I’m happy to be out videoing or driving in them. Mostly other people stay off the roads so it’s kind of relaxing driving in the rain, but I have to say that the lightening was pretty close that day. In fact, I would have had the video up sooner but the storm blew up my internet connection and I had to wait for the repair crew to make it to my house. It took five days. I think that when you live in the country and there’s one person in every square mile they don’t get too concerned to fix the problem in a hurry.

So… I got five extra days off! Gotta love that!

Dollar sign

The Million Dollar Question:

Scam or Not Scam?

OK, I recently received a question from a reader and it went something like this:

“How do I know if the internet business I’m considering is a scam?”

Well, first of all, look at the amount of money the business requires and the amount of time they say you will have to put into it. Then see if you can look the company name up on the internet. If a lot of people have posted about it and most of them are calling it a scam, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Look closely at the following specifics:


How much do you need to put in?
Is there a guarantee of income? (if yes, run for your life)


How much time is required to spend working on the business?
(Multiply this by at least a factor of 5)
How long before you can expect money to start coming in?
(Multiply this by at least a factor of 5)


What is the business selling?
What is the cost of what they are selling – OTHER THAN MEMBERSHIP?
Would you buy what the business is selling anyway? (is there real value in it?)

After answering the above questions….WHAT IS YOUR GUT FEELING?

Having said all that I will add the following:

  • Most internet businesses are not ‘scams’.
  • Most people who get into internet businesses are not going to put in the time necessary to succeed.
  • Internet business is not for everyone.
  • To succeed you must be a self-starter and not need a boss giving orders.
  • Procrastinators will never make it as entrepreneurs – internet or otherwise.
  • When you start you should have either a regular job that pays enough to live on
  • OR at least a year of funds in the bank,
  • PLUS funds for advertising,
  • AND be willing to work your ass off for 20 hours a day learning, implementing, training, videoing, blogging, promoting, advertising, webinaring and whatever else it takes to get the income started.
  • You must be willing to be a mentor AND a team player AND put your ego aside, admit you don’t know everything, and learn from other mentors.


You have to be willing to continue to work your ass off to keep it coming in until such point in time that you have a good team under you and you have more people joining your business per day than are becoming disillusioned and quitting. Usually YEARS.

DO NOT go into internet business with the idea that you will be a millionaire by the end of the year.
DO NOT think that next month you will be making enough money to quit your job.

Having said that…..




So don’t think that you can just ‘buy a ticket’, sit back, and watch the money roll in.

And, above all, just remember:


My first sight of a Costa Rica beach was

Beach on Costa Rica trip

……breathtakingly beautiful.

Thanks to Richard Stewart for his generous permission to use some of his photos in this blog.

 Our next stop after the Crocodile Bridge was the Backyard Bar and Restaurant, a seaside pub that was open to the warm ocean breeze. Beach on Costa Rica trip

The lowering sky, leftover of a recent storm, gave the beach a cold look, but the air felt warm and sensual.


For a Florida girl, the gray color of the Costa Rica beach sand was stunning and exotic. On closer examination I discovered that the sand was made up of large grains of many different colors.







I took some shots from the Pub patio, then stepped out onto the gray Costa Rica sand, walked down near the shore, and got some shots down the beach.


Photos of Costa Rica beach


In the distance, a lone swimmer braved the strong waves for a mid-day swim…..


….then ran along the shore with his dog.


About half an hour after our arrival the sky brightened slightly, changing the mood of the day.

At the end of our trip we arrivee in Manuel Antonio and saw our designated humble abode for the next three days. Check back tomorrow or leave your email address and I’ll introduce you to vacation accommodations Costa Rica style!

Do you live enjoy life vicariously through photos of exotic places like Costa Rica because you’re tied to a job? Want to break free of the bonds?

Reach out for your dreams of a bright, new future, watch this video and see how easy making a change can be. 

So….What Are You Waiting For??


Now for the REAL Costa Rica Adventure!

Bus to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Photo compliments of Richard Stewart.

Noon arrived and we piled into the MagicCosta Rica Bus headed from San Pedro to Manuel Antonio and the small town of Quepo which was hosting the event. The bus trip alone was worth the price, it was a trip along switch-back mountain roads with panoramic views across rolling hills and valleys.

Costa Rica bus trip photos



Moment by moment the scenery flowed and changed with flowering plants adding splashes of color at every turn through the Costa Rica mountains, and almost everyone was plastered to the windows so they wouldn’t miss anything.

About half way through the 3 hour trip we stopped beside Crocodile Bridge over the Rio Tarcoles (literally translated as ‘River Crocodiles’), and were given the opportunity to walk back along the bridge to search for crocodiles.

I took the opportunity to take some video of the astounding Costa Rica wetlands wildlife.

As I walked along the Crocodile Bridge and got some video of the astounding wetlands wildlife……

Photos of Costa Rica trip

Thanks to Richard Stewart for the use of this photo.

I saw a brightly colored bird and strolled down the bridge searching for crocodiles when….

OH MY GOD!! How BIG is that thing?!?

Now I know why they call it the Tarcoles (Crocodile) River!

Crocodiles on the Tavares River in Costa Rica

Crocodiles on the Tavares River in Costa Rica

Costa Rica bus stop at Crocodile Bridge

Photo compliments of Richard Stewart.

After photos of crocodiles, birds, and a termite nest in a tree, we all managed to make it – uneaten by crocodiles – back to the bus. The Magic Costa Rica Bus pulled back on the pavement and we left the river, as our guide pointed out that Costa Rica is one of the most ‘green’ nations on earth, with 25% of the total land mass designated national parkland.

As a special treat, about an hour later we stopped at The Backyard Bar & Restaurant, a seaside pub, to stretch our legs. Tomorrow I’ll be posting some spectacular photos of the beach!

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I Woke Up In Costa Rica!

Breakfast was served in a lovely tiled room with soaring ceilings and enormous arched windows.


Breakfast in Costa Rica is not to be even vaguely compared with breakfast in the United States. Breakfast in Costa Rica is the meal that gives you the strength to work through the day and I discovered that, in general, meals get smaller as the day progresses. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

My trip to Costa Rica photo for blog


After breakfast I made a quick run back over to The Mall to replace my camera – what better place for my camera of years to suddenly decide to retire from active service than Costa Rica! Although I speak little Spanish, the department store quickly found an interpreter for me who was able to guide me in the right direction, and my purchase was successfully completed in plenty of time for the next leg of my adventure.

Noon arrived and we were shepherded onto a bus headed from San Pedro to Manuel Antonio and the town of Quepo which was hosting the event.

Oh My Gosh! I have so many photos and videos of the bus trip that I’m going to have to break it up into snippets of video and places we stopped. For today, suffice it to say that it was a long and winding road and that I had to take Dramamine for the trip.

Stay tuned because the trip starts tomorrow (or later today).

Oh My Gosh!! I’m in Costa Rica!

Photo of my trip to Costa Rica

Today’s Costa Rica Trip photos are, once again,
compliments of Richard Stewart, the official trip photographer,
due to the death of my camera.

September 23rd 2010 I landed at the Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica along with dozens of travel agents who were participating in the Trade Show and Travel Agents Certification presented by ExpoMa 2010 and the Manuel Antonio Group.

We were all met at the airport by buses that shuttled us from the airport to various hotels around the city and my first night was spent in the beautifully appointed Ramada Hotel atop a hill in the city of San Pedro.


Photos of my Costa Rica Trip

From my window I had an awesome view of red ceramic tile roofs across the top of the city, and below my room was a free-form pool complete with an island sporting a palm tree. How cute is that!?!  

Across the street was ‘The Mall’ and I quickly discovered a row of restaurants offering local and international cuisine, toed in between shops ranging from department stores to local specialty boutiques boasting everything from clothing made in Costa Rica to jewelry, to shoes. Almost anything available in malls around the world, with the added bonus of colorful hand made floral prints and polished wood collector items, could be found there.

Costa Rica Travel Photos
By the time I made it to The Mall, everything but the restaurants was closed and it was as I made an attempt to take photos of the mall adventure that Costa Rica ate my camera. No, I didn’t lose it, but for reasons known only to God and my camera it decided that enough was enough already and completely refused to take a photo. Yes, the battery was charged and no amount of pleading or threats or turning on and off could force its hand…..it was dead.

Several politically incorrect words later I sat there fuming and wondering what the heck I was going to do now. Oh well, one must eat so after a fine meal of Costa Rican cuisine I wandered through the mall to see where a likely camera store might be located and planned a quick return trip the next morning before the shuttle picked us all up for the ride to Manuel Antonio.

By the way, while at The Mall realized a few interesting pieces of trivia about Costa Rica… Even though it was rainy season in the tropics, there were no waterproof ponchos. Everyone in Costa Rica uses large umbrellas, or just gets wet. And, interestingly enough, because there’s a crosswalk over the street it takes about seven minutes to walk from the hotel to The Mall but fifteen minutes to drive there. It’s on the verge of the old saying, “”You can’t get there from here – by car”.”

Later on, as I settled into my room for the evening, I stood on the balcony and watched the mist begin to obscure the distant peaks. Through it I could see the mellow glow of lights twinkling and hear the breeze swish softly through palm fronds. I felt wrapped in the gentle arms of the tropics – a million miles from the hustle and bustle of my normal life….

When full darkness finally descended the view was utterly breath taking.

I would love to hear from you so leave a note in the comments section if you’re enjoying this photographic journey series.

If you would like to see photos of the rest of the trip, stay tuned over the next several days. Or you can fill in the form below for weekly updates.

Photos of the flight can be found at Flying to Costa Rica.  It was absolutely amazing!!

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Photo compliments of Richard Stewart

Spectacular views on the flight from Florida to Costa Rica

  Today’s photos are compliments of Richard Stewart who had the window seat.

In 2010 I was given the opportunity to travel to lush and verdant Costa Rica as a writer to document the Trade Show and Travel Agents Certification presented by ExpoMa 2010 and the Manuel Antonio Group. This was my first ever official gig as a writer and I jumped at the opportunity to visit a country I had never seen. I arrived loaded down with cameras, pads, pens and sunscreen, but I didn’t wait to get to Costa Rica to bring out the camera and begin to document my journey.

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica I highly recommend checking out the Anywhere Costa Rica website.

Today’s photos are of the flight from Florida to the airport in the central Costa Rica city of San Jose.

I spent five days in Costa Rica with video camera, digital camera, and notepad absorbing as much of it as possible in the short amount of time I had and I accumulated an incredible number of photos along the way. Over the next week I’ll be posting the best of them in a time flow journey from Tampa to Miami to Santa Maria to Manuel Antonio and back. I invite you to come along for the ride and sincerely hope you enjoy the trip.

Beginning My Costa Rica Trip

Flying to Costa Rica

CR1-2 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-3 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-4 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-5 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Everything looks so tiny from the window of the airplane.

CR1-6 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-7 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-8 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-9 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Goodness! I wonder why these Florida houses don’t just wash away at high tide!

Photo compliments of Richard Stewart

What a unique cloud formation, it reminds me of a farrier’s anvil.

CR1-11 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-12 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

The road to Key West runs parallel to the large pipes that provide the islands with their drinking water.

CR1-13 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-14 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-15 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-16 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-17 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-18 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

There are views of amazing things from the air. 
CR1-19 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

CR1-20 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

I love the spectacular colors of the water!

CR1-21 Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Woo Hoo!! We finally arrive in Costa Rica!!

Photo of My flight to Costa Rica

Photo compliments of Richard Stewart

If you would like to see photos of the rest of the trip, stay tuned over the next several days. Or you can fill in the form below for weekly updates. It was absolutely amazing!!

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